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Clean Meets Class

So because I live in a home with two big fur babies--yes, I'm including my husband in that equation--having a clean floor is an absolute must in my home. Beds can be unmade, dishes might pile up but the floors MUST be sparkling in order for me to properly function. Thankfully, our sponsors over at Samsung have eliminated all the struggle and annoyance of lugging a heavy appliance from room to room by introducing the Jet Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

Although I've owned cordless cleaners in the past, none thus far compares to this little beaut. I love its sleek appearance and lightweight frame along with the removable batteries that charge quickly. And no more having a million different attachments scattered throughout my pantry because the all-in-one docking station houses most of the vacuum pieces while charging at the same time!

I think the coolest feature by far is the Jet Stick Vacuum's dual purpose. Not only is the anti-static, silver thread woven soft brush perfect for picking up fine dust on hardwood floors but the Spinning Sweeper attachment allows you to mop with a double spinning wet pad or reusable microfiber pad. An awesome two for one deal ;)

Needless to say, I don't plan on revisiting conventional cleaning methods anytime soon!

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