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Samsung's Gone Bespoke

Have y'all heard about Samsung's new Bespoke Refrigerators?? That's right, they now have beautiful fridges that come in customizable colors and versatile configurations--so everyone gets the look they want! Once you select your model, you can personalize up to four different panels by choosing from eight different color/finish options.

We decided to go with the Champagne Rose Steel option because we wanted to subtly draw from our current pops of pink throughout our home. This particular shade also seems to change depending on the angle and the time of day and pairs really well with our green Ikea cabinetry. We love how it adds just a small amount of unique flair to our space.

Other than all of aesthetic customization, one of my favorite features of this fridge is the super sexy beverage station. It's completely hidden from the exterior and built into the panel design. I've also turned the top shelf of the drink center into a grab-and-go healthy snack station for myself. Since I'm almost 6 months pregnant in the middle of a Texas summer, this comes in super handy!

We also love the flexibility that the lower right hand half of the fridge offers. This area can be converted into a freezer or additional fridge space, depending on your family's needs. With baby Atlas coming in a few months, this little corner just might become her own personal fridge for all things infant related.

Lastly, the Bespoke refrigerator has the self-serve scoop ice option from the lower left section and comes out in beautifully formed cubes or nuggets. Not only are the nuggets adorable but they promise to chill your drink faster as well!

This new custom fridge from Samsung Home Appliances has not only elevated our kitchen aesthetic but the overall design checks all of our efficiency and lifestyle boxes.

Check out Samsung Home products if you're looking to up your appliance game!


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