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The Final Reveal: A Collaboration with Belgard and Oldcastle APG

If you're a fan of transforming outdoor living areas into stunning spaces, you're in for a treat. We've been documenting our backyard renovation with Oldcastle APG for some time, and we’re finally ready for the big reveal!  Belgard and Oldcastle APG brands MoistureShield, PebbleTec and Barrette Outdoor Living form a powerhouse team offering a wide array of products, technology, and services to create breathtaking backyards.

The Belgard Advantage: Innovation and Design Excellence


Belgard, THE name in the hardscape industry, has been the leading provider of backyard hardscape products in North America for over two decades. We’ve had the privilege to work with Belgard on two projects, so we know how great the products are. This project really allowed us to see their innovation and design prowess, using the Belgard Rooms and AR technology to visualize the space. This is going to be invaluable for both homeowners and their contractors!

Visualizing the Dream: Belgard's Design Tools


Tackling a backyard renovation project can seem daunting, especially when dealing with complex layouts. We love working with Belgard Rooms, the online platform that allows users to create outdoor design plans with ease. From fire pit rooms to full outdoor kitchens, the Rooms library boasts a wide array of effortless designs that can be tailored to your specifications.

Additionally, the AR feature with Belgard Rooms takes visualization to a whole new level. We loved seeing how Belgard's (and all the Oldcastle APG brands) products fit within our space. We were able to see the layout directly in our backyard space using a smartphone or tablet! This feature was key in getting our design where we wanted.


Turning Vision into Reality: The Transformation


At the heart of our project is Belgard's innovative approach to hardscapes. Their Metropolitan Collection brought a modern touch to the design, while Dimensions pavers were instrumental in creating a seamless flow.  The genius of modular sizing in the Dimensions line allowed for reduced cuts, time, and waste.



Multi-level design elements were incorporated to maximize the space's potential. Belgard's Diamond Pro Retaining Wall System played a pivotal role here, providing us with XX more square feet of usable space in the backyard.

Versatility and Elegance: The Artforms Advantage


The Artforms system took center stage, proving its versatility once again. From creating an outdoor kitchen and shower to constructing a swim-up bar, Artforms modular panels offered endless possibilities. Belgard's Elements kitchen accessories perfectly complemented this setup, ensuring every detail of the outdoor kitchen was functional and stylish.

Creating a Cohesion: Oldcastle APG Brands Shine


All the Oldcastle APG brands really came together to enhance the space’s beauty and functionality. From PebbleTec's pool finish and glass tiles, to MoistureShield's composite decking, and Barrette Outdoor Living’s fencing, gates and decorative elements, we truly created a dream backyard.

As the pieces came together, the transformation was awe-inspiring. Thanks to Belgard and the Oldcastle APG brands, our backyard turned into an oasis beyond imagination. The carefully chosen products and design expertise led to a space that seamlessly blends innovation, sustainability, and beauty. Our journey with Oldcastle APG was nothing short of amazing!


Crafting Your Perfect Outdoor Escape


If you're seeking to revamp your outdoor space into a sanctuary that reflects your style and values, Oldcastle APG provides the tools, expertise, and products you need. From design tools that spark creativity to innovative materials that stand the test of time, Oldcastle APG really is a one-stop-shop for all things outdoor living. Your dream outdoor space awaits!


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