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We went all the way down to the studs on this one--and then some! Everything that could go wrong, did. The end product turned out pretty great though, and we set a new sale-price record for that neighborhood!



We originally renovated this home to live in it, so it was extra custom; we especially loved the half acre lot (in Dallas city limits!). But in the end, we found a couple with similar taste and set a price record for that neighborhood too!

Gatewood Pl


Because this project was a condo, we weren't allowed to touch anything on the exterior, and due to the smaller price point, we had to get creative if we were going to be able to remodel the whole thing. It's all done now, and we're pretty cozy!

Verde Valley


This was another total remodel. Chayce and I love bold statements and like to push the boundaries of residential design when at all possible. Given the constraints of a more traditional neighborhood however, we decided to give the exterior a fresh and contemporary look without going too crazy. We took a few more bold risks on the interior with black accent walls, two tone hex tiles and stained concrete flooring. 

Landershire Ln


This was our fastest flip to date! Within 3 months of purchasing, we had it listed and under contract after 3 HOURS on the market. And this was all in the middle of a crazy worldwide pandemic! Lots of cosmetic updates took this drab home to a new level of mid-century goodness.

Eldridge St


We love transforming spaces into rooms people can't get enough of!

Client Work

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