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Next Step, Belgard Product Selections!

Now that we had our overall design from the Belgard Design Studio, it was time to hone in on individual product selections. Luckily for us, Belgard is a company that prides itself on offering a wide selection to fit any outdoor living project. With solutions for any climate and style, their products are known not only for durability and functionality but also for their forward-thinking aesthetic and design technology.

We decided on the modern style of the Metropolitan Collection for our overall look.

Because our project encompasses so many hardscape elements, the design team pointed us to the DimensionsTM pavers because of their adaptability and modular sizing. This allows for reduced cuts, time and waste. We chose Scandina as our main color with Charcoal as an accent. And to break up the smooth surfaces of the main hardscape area, we added the BasaltTM paver, which mimics the texture of natural volcanic rock.

Speaking of dimensions, the Belgard design team incorporated multi-levels into our backyard space, utilizing the durable, non-slip LandingsTM Step that ended up working seamlessly with the Metropolitan Collection.

But this multi-level look did not come easily; to pull this concept off, we needed to create more backyard space than we actually had. If you remember the original backyard, it was quite small and the elevation drastically tapered down to the creek, making it virtually unusable.

(Here is the original backyard; just behind the hedges, the land slopes to the creek)

(After the original pool and hedges were removed, you can see the original size of the backyard and how it slopes down to the creek)

What seemed like an impossible undertaking for us ended up being a breeze for the Belgard team; after all, they’re known for incredible Retaining Wall Systems. We chose the Diamond ProÒ Smooth Face wall. Its modular design system, with blocks that slide and lock into place like puzzle pieces, allowed for an incredibly fast installation. Within a few days, we looked outside and saw that our yard had more than doubled in size—thanks to a retaining wall that was over 12’ tall in places!

(Install of the retaining wall)

(A view of the new backyard gained by the retaining wall)

Another key element of the vertical hardscaping in our project is the ArtformsTM system. You may recall, this was the highlight of our last collaboration with Belgard.

From kitchens and firepits to benches and planters, the Artforms product line might be one of Belgard’s most versatile and customizable offerings. We used this modular panel system to create a kitchen, planter, shower, and even cladding for a swim-up bar!

Additionally, utilizing the Artforms system made it easy to incorporate Belgard’s ElementsTM kitchen accessories. This line offers stainless steel cooking products, bar and sink inserts, storage options, and other accessories that really complete your outdoor kitchen areas. We are especially excited about the countertop Pizza Oven!

And after enjoying a fire-roasted pizza, we’ll be able to walk down our steps into a cozy, private fireplace area created using the pre-built MelvilleTM Fireplace system and MelvilleTM Wall. The install on this portion was especially fun to watch since the fireplace unit comes pre-assembled on four pallets—we were able to enjoy our first fire that very night!

Finally, the design team added Porcelain Pavers outlined with artificial turf to add some color and variation to the overall space. This helped provide some softness as well as a bit of contrast to the many gray tones throughout the backyard.

And just like that, we were looking out our back window into an entirely new space we could only have dreamed of—one that we could not have achieved without the innovative products and design services offered by Belgard and their sister brands at Oldcastle APG.

As we mentioned in our last blog post, Oldcastle APG has a portfolio of companies to truly own the backyard. Stay tuned to see how the design team at Belgard collaborated with sister brands Barrette Outdoor Living, Pebbletec, and MoistureShield to help us create the perfect backyard.


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