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Belgard To The Rescue!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

As you’ve probably heard us say before, we LOVE working with Belgard and jump at the chance to collaborate on projects with them. Luckily for us, we’re partnering with them again on our current home renovation project to feature some of what they can do.

This time, we’re also working with their sister brands—MoistureShield, PebbleTec, and Barrette Outdoor Living —to showcase how these companies provide a cohesive and comprehensive set of products, technology and services that cover every inch of the backyard. Their parent company, Oldcastle APG, truly has put together the ultimate team for any outdoor project.

(Here is a shot of our last collaboration with Belgard)

Today, we want to highlight Belgard and how they are making our vision for this space come to life. They have been the Number One hardscapes provider in North America for over 20 years. What sets them apart is their focus on innovation, design, and their commitment to providing customers with not only high-quality products but also a range of design tools and resources to help bring outdoor living visions to life--and we are so excited to have this opportunity to work with their team and products again.

With the amount of work to be done on this backyard, we quickly realized that we didn’t have the right tools to plan and visualize what the space could be. See the image below for context; and yes, that is a pool filled with rocks…

How do you even begin with a space like this? The answer was easier than we thought! Two of Belgard’s most notable tools are the Belgard Design Studio and Belgard Rooms.

With Belgard Rooms, you choose from a range of pre-designed templates and select features such as pavers, walls, fire pits, and more. The Belgard Design Studio is an online platform that offers a variety of design tools and resources to help homeowners and contractors design and visualize their outdoor living spaces. With the help of the Design Studio, you can sort through the library of products and easily incorporate them into a design with the click of a mouse.

We worked with Belgard’s design team and settled on the design below.

Obviously, we were blown away, and what’s more, we were able to get these property-specific renders not in a matter of months, but in a matter of days!

And what was even cooler than that was that we got to use AR to visualize what these renovations would look like! Belgard Rooms uses augmented reality to help users visualize Belgard products in their own outdoor space. Users select from a range of outdoor living features or pre-designed rooms like an outdoor kitchen, living room, or office space, and then click on the camera icon in the corner of the render to see the design come to life in their own backyard space. For instance, here is the AR space we selected...

We just held our phone up to the space and the image appeared! Once we confirmed the placement, it then locked in place, and we could walk around the area, getting closer and changing positions, and it would stay still so we could see it from that perspective!

And here's a sneak peak of the construction in process:

All of that to say, we are really excited to show you all the final reveal in April—it’s turning out better than we expected! Oldcastle, and especially Belgard, took a seemingly impossible project and are making it happen thanks to their amazing tools and products.

Stay tuned and follow along our backyard journey! We’ll be talking more about all the Oldcastle brands and products in the coming weeks.


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