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Belgard Outdoor Planner + Giveaway

Who says the outdoors can't be an extension of your interiors? As briefly mentioned in our last blog, Belgard launched a new initiative called Belgard Rooms. This interactive experience allows homeowners to effortlessly pair the style of their home with outdoor living amenities that match and complement the exterior of the home. Whether you're looking for some Modern Farmhouse Dining, a Contemporary Living Room or Timeless Kitchen, Belgard can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams.

The entire Belgard Rooms program is structured around how shape, color, and texture work together to offer more options and make the design planning process easier. Designs are categorized by Belgard Collections – ranging from Natural to Metropolitan – and home styles, along with other features, applications, regions, and more. Homeowners can filter templates by these categories, making it easy to identify inspirational options that fit their home’s style and personal design aesthetic.

By choosing Belgard Rooms, both the homeowners and contractors benefit by saving time and installation. This program allows contractors the option to offer homeowners a templated design that can be further customized to fit their design style and needs. This equates to time savings during the design and installation process, allowing homeowners to enjoy their outdoor space sooner, so everybody wins. With hosting weather now upon us, check out Belgard's new interactive outdoor room planner today!

But one last gem before you go. In keeping with last year's tradition, we're giving away another fire pit kit from Belgard. The perfect chance for you to sample a bit of their fantastic product for free! This DIY fire pit kit comes ready to assemble. All you have to do to enter is RUN over to our Instagram post and follow the steps. What are you waiting for? Backyard s'more fests are a simple entry away!


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