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Him + Her

What do you get when you blend a country boy with a city girl? Simple, a good ol' fashioned compromise, and it's super easy to do, right?

     We began the journey early on in our lives, saying our vows at the age of eighteen and twenty-one; I had just completed high school and Chayce was finishing up college. At the time, we lived in a small town and no plans of ever leaving. After four years, Chayce built what we thought was our dream home and it looked like we were ready to settle in for the long haul.  But after we moved in, something didn't feel right. Was this it? Were we ready to just hunker down and start cranking out babies? I remember the day Chayce came home, looked me in the eye and said, “We’re too young for this. Life’s too short--let's get the heck outta here!” Almost in the same breath we had the house sold (along with most of our possessions), quit our jobs and moved to Nottingham, England! Huzzah! Pip pip, cheerio, and all that rot! 



     During that year, Chayce got his MA at the University of Nottingham and I continued my education through distance courses back home. Through our year abroad, we experienced multiple cultures, made lifelong friends and at one point traveled to 13 diferent countries in the span of twenty five days (that's basically a country every other day or so...yah, not for the faint of heart)! Those was probably the most enlightening, enjoyable and exhausting years of our lives.

     After returning home from 'across the pond,' we spent a brief three months in Malibu, California. Chayce had a scholarship to get a second MA at Pepperdine, and we were intending to be there long term to build our real estate business. However, due to some life altering circumstances, we returned to the place that holds our hearts—the great state of Texas.  We now reside in the DFW area. (Side note: our brief few months in Cali were amazing and we hope some other season of our lives will find us there again...) 


      Along the way, one of the many things we learned was that life was too short not to do what you love—or at least not to attempt to do what you love. There are certain things in life that just come naturally to you and just feel right; you don't mind waking up early to pursue them and when you're doing them, you lose track of time. These are our passions and talents, and when we are busy perfecting and cultivating them, it seems like we find true fulfillment and create some of our best work! For Chayce and I, we believe home renovation and designing creative spaces to be a big part of that, and it took us over a decade of life together to finally hone in on what drives us—to take something bland, forgettable, even disgusting and breathe life back into it; to create, sometimes from the ground up, something entirely new, beautiful and lasting.  It's kinda a good metaphor for life, at least for us anyway...

     So that’s what we’re going to do.  Check back every now and then to see how we're doing; if history has any lessons for us it's that it won't turn out how we think.




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