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Belgard Backyard Design Phase III

Final Styling And Furnishing

After the installation of our Belgard Artforms project, it was up to us to bring it across the finish line with furnishings—Belgard made it easy by getting us 95% of the way there, but we had to add those elements that really personalized the space for our family. Luckily, we know some people in the design biz ;)

Along with the planters, pavers, counters and grill, the backyard design was thoughtfully divided into three separate zones:

1. The grilling station - What’s great about the grill area is that it seamlessly integrates with the planters, while using the exact same panels as the planters themselves, just turned vertically. Besides the ease of installation, that’s just another hallmark of the Artforms product—its versatility! Additionally, you might have noticed that thick slab making up the grill countertop. Well, it is thick, and heavy too! But the Artforms panels use high-quality concrete and a bolt-together system that provide a stable and sturdy base. So no matter what size or configuration you want to create, Belgard’s Artforms is up for the task! Click HERE to learn more.

2. The dining zone - Once again, this section highlights the modular concrete panel system, utilizing the exact same components of the planters and grill station. We chose to contrast the bare look of the concrete with another natural element—cedar wood planks—to bring in some warm tones. But you could choose many other options here as well, including more panels! For instance, we could have laid the panels flat across the top, instead of the wood planks, to create more of a block, monolithic look (and then finished it off with some soft, colored cushions or something like that). Anyhow, after pairing with our outdoor dining table and chairs, this area is more than ready for some autumn dinner parties. And if the modern aesthetic isn’t so much your vibe, take a look at Belgard’s other design families HERE.

3. The hangout area - This area of the design really highlights Belgard’s lovely pavers and how they provide the perfect neutral canvas for the end user to fit to their needs. Contrasted against the rough black rock, smooth concrete planters, and bright spreading plants, these gorgeous pavers truly provide the perfect balance to those other dimensional elements. Because this area is nestled up against our house, it created that natural barrier for a more private division of the space. And since we weren’t able to complete the second level of the original Belgard design (the fire pit area), we decided to drop in a few outdoor recliners and a small fire pit to create that cozy feel. S’mores anyone? (Check out the other pavers Belgard has to offer HERE)

We couldn’t be more happy about working with Belgard—they really overdelivered on our expectations. We’re counting the days until our next hardscape project with them!


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