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Belgard Backyard Design Phase II

Installation and Landscaping

Within a week or two of finalizing the construction plans with the Belgard installer, we began receiving the Artforms product and porcelain pavers.There were only a few pallets of materials delivered, and we wondered how such a small amount of product could translate into the renderings Belgard gave us.

Soon, however, we would have our answer. After construction started, the entire process took less than two weeks to complete, from start to finish. One of the reasons that the install process is so fast has to do with the design of the Artforms modular concrete panel system, featuring a bolt-together stainless system. This product is made of high-quality concrete and can install horizontally or vertically to create benches, barbecues, counters, fireplaces, planters and privacy walls, among other projects, and can be easily cut to an end user’s desired size—it’s also equipped with unique features, such as the option to integrate added lighting elements and more. Check out more information HERE.

Step one involved more dirt being brought in to level out our yard and provide the correct drainage (very important!). Once the space was leveled, they began building the raised beds that form a perimeter around the space.

Step two was tying in the integrated grill and block countertop.

Step three saw the contrast of the darker toned pavers against the more natural look of the panels, and with the addition of the black rock (basalt) natural look of the panels, and with the addition of the black rock (basalt) between the pavers, we were already planning our first cookout!

We could finally see our space starting to take shape and mimic the design drawings that Belgard rendered from their design studio. Once everything had been installed, it was our turn to get involved by selecting the plants and adding some vibrant colors to accent the natural look of the Artforms surfaces.

Lastly, the wood seating was laid on top of the modular panels to provide for the dining section. The contrast of the warm, cedar wood against the neutral concrete and black rock turned out absolutely stunning.

Now on to the icing of this concrete cake—softening the hardscape with outdoor furniture and accessories that create that warm and inviting feeling necessary for a clutch barbecue.


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