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What We Do

Let's face it, finding the perfect home is tough enough as it is, and navigating through the process can be overwhelming for the average person. With Blank Slate Renovations, a full-service design, construction and remodeling company, we help people find and create the home of their dreams by partnering with them every step of the way.  Your project is our passion. We don't say that just because it rolls off the tongue so well;  we both quit other successful jobs because we wanted to do what we loved.  

So rest assured that from start to finish, we're not happy until you are!

The Full Package

If you buy a home that's in perfect condition and has already been remodeled, you'll pay a premium; the value of your home will be whatever you paid for it.  However, if you consider buying a home that needs a little TLC and remodel it, then you have the opportunity to greatly increase your equity while being able to customize the home that perfectly fits your needs. Chayce's experience as a licensed realtor can help you wade through all of the options to find the home that's just right for your family.  At the same time we'll get started on the architectural and engineered drawings so the city will grant us the necessary permits to begin construction right away.  According to the budget you set up, we'll stretch that money as far as we can so you get the most bang for your buck. And at the very end, Hannah will come in and decorate that thing like nobody's business!  



existing remodel

If you already own your home but want to breathe new life into it, we can walk you through the process of redesign, construction and decorating it so you gain more equity and enjoy that "new-home" smell without that "new-home" pricetag!   Also, if you are considering selling your home, we can help you find that sweet spot between remodeling and "overbuilding the neighborhood" so you get the most money out of your investment.

design Help

If you're tired of looking at the same old colors, furniture and layouts, we can work with you to design and decorate your existing space into something new and fresh.  Wading through the options and making sure that everything flows together can be overwhelming, but Hannah will sit down with you, listen to your objectives and help narrow the choices to find the right style for the right price.

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