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Rugs Make All Things Better

It really is true. Rugs have a way of softening a room while at the same time, unifying all the elements together into one cohesive, inviting space.

Since we decided to use hardwoods throughout our entire remodeled home, area rugs were an absolute must.

If anyone's in the market, Rugs Direct has some fantastic options; like this Emory Loloi runner that perfectly compliments our color-blocked hallway as well as the master bathroom--depending on our mood :)

You know you can't go wrong with LoLoi and this rug sets the bar for style and comfort. It's sooo plush and feels amazing on my bare feet when stepping out of the shower. Plus, it's super easy to clean and matches our aesthetic seamlessly.

Here are a few more of our favs from LoLoi that we've used in past projects as well as one's to come. This one is called the VR-10 from the Viera Collection. Again, the plush, luxurious texture mixed with the mid-century, bohemian flare slayed the overall look of this space.

And here's the JOC-06 from the Jocelyn Collection that we will be using in an upcoming Master Bed remodel. I'm so in love with the blush and mustard combo here!

So what'cha waiting for? Rugs Direct is here for all your carpeting needs!

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