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The Best Kind Of Bathroom Feels

Chayce and I had big plans for this master bath and dang, did Signature Hardware help us get there!

So let me just show y'all where we began with this project...

This space needed SO much help but Chayce and I had a good vision for the design direction we wanted to pursue.

In order to level-up this drab room, we needed some help from our friends over at Signature Hardware. We'd been eyeing some of their product for a while now, but since our new casa is a freshly renovated mid-century home, we fell head-over-heels for the Millie Teak Double Vessel Vanity in sexy Matcha Green.

Because we wanted a bolder palette, we chose the black granite countertops with the semi-recessed sinks, polished brass vessel faucets, and pair of matching mirrors. These pieces are amazingly durable and provide a sleek, modern aesthetic that blends perfectly with the contemporary vibe. We also love the inset handle feature and soft close drawers!

The vanities weren't the only pieces to receive an upgrade. The entire shower was remodeled and needed that extra bit of flair. We were able to achive this look by using the stunning Alliston Exposed Pipe Shower with Hand Shower. You'll never guess what finish we selected--hello again polished brass!

Umm, yes pleaaase...*wipes drool off mouth*.

We were so impressed with the quality and durability of these products as well as the overall experience of working alongside this fantastic company. We one hundred percent hope to work with Signature Hardware again in the future and highly recommend their pieces!

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