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Spice Up Your Yards With Belgard

Since we’ve all been stuck at home for the past several months, many are looking around their homes and wanting to make some updates. With the weather beginning to warm up, landscaping improvements have been at the top of many of these “honey-do” lists. What better place to spruce up than our own backyards, where kids play, pets run and that summerly smell of BBQ permeates the air!

Chayce and I are super pumped about the home we’re moving into largely because it has a big (bigger than we are used to, at least), tiered back yard. To the normal eye it’s an ugly mound of dirt and weeds, but to us, it’s an exciting blank slate. The only problem, is where the heck do we start? We’re glad you asked! Enter Belgard Outdoor Living Design services!

We’ve talked about Belgard a few times on our feed but wanted to take a minute to dive a little deeper into specific services that this fantastic company has to offer. Since we live in a digital world and are currently making the very most of that technology, Belgard provides online design services that can turn your outdoor dreams into reality.

They offer a couple of services that allow you to bring your visions to life all from the comfort of your sofa—which works nicely given our current WFH lifestyles.

If you don't know where to begin, Belgard’s Design Services will allow you to work alongside with a Belgard Authorized Contractor and have free access to the Belgard Design Studio. Yes, free! Through this service, you can get custom 3D renderings of your space before you even break ground, giving you the opportunity to perfect you designs. The photo realistic 3D graphics remove all the guessing and make visualizing the finished product so easy! Did we mention it was free?

• Get a realistic vision of the look and functionality of your future space

• Eliminate miscommunications regarding the design

• Catch potential revision needs during the design phase

• Avoid costly mid-construction design changes

Check out this video by clicking on image below!

With Chayce and I set to move into our new home in a few weeks you better believe we’ll be taking advantage of Belgard’s unique design services. Be on the lookout for our 3D designs and follow along as we go from digital to the real deal!

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