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Trendy Furniture That Everyone Can Afford

Sooo...did y'all know that Walmart has released a contemporary furniture line called MoDRN?! Until recently, neither did we! Of course, being in the interior design and home renovation business, we're ALWAYS on the lookout for trendy, affordable products to stage, suggest to clients or even carry in our own homes.

One of their newer lines, MoDRN Naturals, pairs perfectly with our current aesthetic. This particular collection delves into soothing textures and clean patterns, all within a light and neutral color palette. The earthy materials, raw finishes, and simple shapes draw inspiration from the Shaker design and ensure utility and comfort with hints of global style.

With its sharp square lines, this solid rubberwood and pine lounge chair has a tapered seat frame that's pretty slick. Washing the cushion cover is super easy thanks to the zippers on the bottom. Various colors are available for fabric cushions and coordinating with the distressed gray finish of the chair's wood frame has never been so easy. By simply adding your favorite throw or pillow (which MoDERN provides as well) you can personalize the heck out of this neutral-toned beauty.

It's hard to find a soft pillow that maintains its shape these days. Well, Walmart has risen to the challenge by designing these worthy little guys. With feather-filled inserts, these pillows offer so much more than a finishing touch to your living room sofa or accent chair. Thanks to the natural material, these pillows will retain their support over time, and their feather filling conforms to the body for ultimate comfort.

With its clean lines, trestle-like base, and angled legs, the emphasis on the mid-century influence of the MoDRN line is easy to distinguish. Because it's rendered from solid ash hardwood (with minimal engineered wood elements) and topped by ash veneers, this nightstand is able to retain the wood's natural, warm brown tone. Having Chayce build this piece and then moving it myself, there's no doubt that this is a SOLID bit of furniture--given how much it weighs!

This super trendy sculptural base is paired with one 6-watt LED bulb and has an exposed filament for an industrial-chic touch. The minimalist fixture is also equipped with a convenient in-line switch, making it easy to access.

This abstract print is a reimagining of a solar eclipse. Its pale yellow and green tones are printed on a crisp white canvas using pigment-based inks for extra vivid color and longevity. The piece made a great addition to our contemporary gallery ledge :)

Check out the new MoDRN Naturals line at Walmart and give them a try yourself!

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