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Here We Go Again

Well, ready or not, the next reno is fully underway! We're a month in and have completely demo'd the space, scraped the popcorn ceilings and repaired the foundation issues--sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards (that's a super important theme for Chayce and I, btw)! At the moment, we're tearing up the concrete floor in the sunroom and getting ready for tape/bed/texture elsewhere. But enough blabbing, we all know y'all are just here for the pics.

Scroll on, friends!

Currently the formal dining but will be converted into a home office

Living room

Living room. Removing the cabinet wall in order to open up kitchen


Breakfast nook

Half bath off the living room

Bonus room

Bye bye 70's

Half bath off the bonus room

Back porch

Master bath

Master bath. Gutting this whole thing...

View to the front entrance

Second floor entrance

Bedroom 1


Bedroom 2

Bedroom 3

Shout out to our a fav photographer here in Dallas, Mia Blessinger

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