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Oh the Holidays!

So I don't know about y’all but the moment October 1st rolls around, my heart skips a beat or two making way for the holiday season. Yes, Christmas takes the cake, but a month and a half of straight scary movies, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses and spooky gingerbread creations all crescendo into a heap of turkey and green-bean casserole…it's pretty dang hard to top! Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and we fully intend to get swept away in all the nostalgia that the Macy's Day Parade, pumpkin rolls and family gatherings have to offer. But, despite all the festivities, it’s super easy to get blind sighted by all the cray. Anticipation, traditions, and making merry often sweep me off my feet, and before I know it, we're chucking the tree and wishing we hadn't blinked. Although life continues and struggles are real, this particular time of year offers us a unique opportunity to pause and reflect. As work slows down and school ends for the semester, Chayce and I hope to do a better job of investing in things that have lasting value and appreciating all the little moments—it’s those little, “in between” moments that really make up life. We definitely have a billion and one ways that we've been blessed in 2018 and we hope to be more intentional about serving, loving, and giving back. That being said, this literally is our favorite time of the year and we absolutely CAN. NOT. WAIT. to get all kinds of tinseled up in here. So let’s acknowledge the things we don’t deserve, treasure the one’s we love, and celebrate the heck outta this upcoming season!

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