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3rd Time's the Charm

Ummm...not one, but two "Before + After" projects posted within the same month??? It's like a CHRISTMAS MIRACLE around here! Seriously though, this project was insanely fast compared to the previous two and we're super excited to show you guys the finished product. Why'd it only take us a few months you ask? Well for a couple of reasons. First, this place was quite a bit smaller (1300 sq ft). Second, because we're part of a condo association, we weren't allowed to touch any part of the exterior (praise tha Lord). Not having to install new windows, replace a roof or repaint the outside saved us oodles of time and moolah. Our total investment in this flip was significantly less than our other projects which, in the end, turned out to be really cool because it forced us to come up with some creative alternatives to achieve our particular look but without spend'n that chedda. I plan on sharing a few specific ways that we saved that cheese (without compromising the over all look and feel of the space) in an upcoming blog post. But just to whet the palette, a couple of these solutions included using left over materials from previous projects, replacing the flooring with laminate instead of hardwood, not updating the wall/ceiling texture, opting to use shower curtains over glass doors, using a water proof paint on the showers instead of replacing all of the tile, using the fabulous yet affordable Ikea for all of our kitchen/bathroom cabinetry and countertops, and then lastly, doing much of the work ourselves. With every new reno we seem to lean more and more towards minimalism and I'd have to say that the outcome of this space has to be my very favorite project to date.

Okay, enough talk...let's dance. Enjoy!


A lot of the after shots were photographed by the very talented Mia Blessinger

That's Chayce by the fireplace...Look at dat butt!
Chayce measuring and calculating costs...

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