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Done and Done

Ok, ok, enough excuses. As promised--like 5 months ago--the before and after pics of the last project we sold are FINALLY FLIPPIN UP. Although not seen in the photograph above, we actually put on a brand new black roof per the new owners request. It really made a world of difference and I'm sad we forgot to snag a pic after it was all said and done. We would also have loved to give this guy a fresh paint job but, as usual, we exceeded the budget in other areas. That being said, this project was a fun one because unlike the previous houses, we actually lived here for almost a year. Because of this, the home was a bit more custom than the other spaces we've flipped. Our favorite piece of this rehab (aside from the insane backyard) was the midcentury fireplace we installed as a focal point in the center of the living area. Since we considered it our primary residence, this reno was particularly hard to say goodbye to; but in the end, the investment and effort was well worth it...Happy scrolling!

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