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Goodbye + Hello

Is it really 2018 already?! Growing up, my parents always reminded me that the older I got, the faster time would fly. Regrettably, I’m becoming all too familiar with this truth. All in all, 2017 treated us pretty decently: we sold our 13th project project (setting a new price record for that neighborhood), said goodbye to our old business name (From the Ground Up) and created Blank Slate Renovations, LLC, purchased and FULLY renovated our 14th project, had another featured article on our favorite store’s blog (West Elm), signed with Scott Brothers Entertainment (owned by the Scott brothers from Property Brothers), and finally, I finished my next-to-last semester of design school! It’s looking like 2018 won’t slow down either: we’re getting our latest project show-ready for an “On-the-Market” date in March while at the same time working on our next reno (one that we plan to, again, call home)! Along with moving and new projects, Chayce is thinking about doing an MBA at SMU or UTD and I graduate design school in the summer; so as I finish up school, he’s thinking about jumping back in! Moving forward, our goal is to continue growing Blank Slate while also furthering our educations—I’m also contemplating more schooling…Architecture this time! Ultimately, our plan is to get back to California and finish what we started there. But who knows about any of it! We know better than most how easily plans go astray…but here’s to hopin’! (insert “cheers” gesture).


--Just a few snippets of 2017. Click on pics to view closer--


P.S. - Be on the look out for #beforeandafters as well as a walk through tour of our current project, coming this spring!

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