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I Know, We're the Worst

Yah, yah, yah, we're the worst bloggers on the planet; we get it. I guess we're too busy blowing out walls, pulling out turd-infested insulation, and getting stuff done to be pecking out life updates onto a keyboard. Okay, that's a little high and mighty; truth be told, now that school's out for the summer and our last reno house is complete, we're watching countless reruns of Law and Order SVU. We are, however, getting stuff done: currently, we're working on four different projects as well as meeting with professionals in order to rebrand ourselves. This hardly allows for enough time to breath (yet still plenty of evenings for SVU...) Anyway, we’re stoked about what’s in the works and would love to share our latest project with ya. Also, did we mention it's going to be our personal residence for the next good while? Heck to tha yah! One little glitch however: our apartment lease is up July first, which gives us three weeks to get it move-in ready. Three weeks people!!! Oh well, c'est la vie... And, because everyone digs a good before and after, here are all the before pics. "Your gonna like the way it looks [in two months]; I guarantee it" ( - Men's Warehouse Guy).

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