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Ready or Not, Here We Go

In one of our very first posts we reminded ourselves that the journey ahead (preparing to renovate homes full-time) would not go according to plan. Deep down inside, though, we wanted to believe it would; we wanted to believe that since we weren’t quite as naive anymore and since we had the wherewithal to admit that our plans wouldn't work out, that God would take note of such sagely wisdom and noble humility and let our plans unfold without a hitch. Do you see where I’m going with this? That first blog post was supposed to be just that—an epic, introductory blog post, not real life! So yah, you win this one, universe.

Here’s the scoop: we bought this house around the first of March, but when you look at it, even though we’ve already spent over $100,000 (and we haven’t even put the sheetrock on!), it looks worse than when we first got it. Yes, we had a blog post patting ourselves on the back with that sometimes you have to go backwards before you can go forwards line, but you can only lean on that excuse for so long. In the end, we realized that this big of a project needs someone there full-time, and since we were unwilling to hire a general contractor, it became clear that I (Chayce) needed to quit my job

to focus solely on the house. This was not the original plan. Hannah and I were both supposed to keep our current jobs (we needed to keep both incomes just in case the house didn’t sell) until we had this place sold, and then we would feel comfortable enough to fully step out and start this renovation company. But ain't nobody got time for that; we're all in now!

Oh, and did I mention that Hannah starts school back up in two weeks and she’ll now go down to part-time salary? Be that as it may, this Monday my salary will go from “paycheck” to “no check”, but when life gives you lemons, what do you do? Duh! You quit your job and crank up “Living On A Prayer” until you can’t hear anything else. Here's to you Bon Jovi.

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