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This is a bad Idea...or is it?

About six months into our new lives, we began, once again, discussing change. Chayce had an amazing gig working for an investment firm in uptown Dallas and I was working as a full-time nanny for a fantastic family while continuing my education through online courses. We were beyond blessed to have such great jobs, but despite our good situation, we were yearning for something more. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we deserved something more; we did not. It’s often the case that people don’t have the option to pursue their dream job and instead have to do what needs to be done to make ends meet and take care of the family (this truly is a noble endeavor, typically underappreciated). But the genuine pursuit of finding your niche in the world—finding that work that makes you tick, that makes you want to wake up early, that makes you lose track of time—should not be easily cast aside; and if you have the opportunity to marry that with your career, ohhhhh yahhh, that's the sweet spot. Of course it may not work out and you end up having to temper your passion for the sake of responsibility, but at least you’ll know that you went for it. So while it makes better practical sense for us to stay put and be happy where we are (and maybe we’ll wish we’d done that), we’ve yet to give up on finding that vocational sweet spot. For Chayce and I, we think this passion is working together as a home renovation team. Similar to where our marriage had been, taking a space that was completely broken and creating something altogether new is something that gets us both excited!

Having come from a real estate background as a realtor and previously completing around ten renovation projects on his own, Chayce gave us a head start in the game. In order to catch up, I’ve decided to switch my degree from Nutrition to Interior Design—something I had always enjoyed but never had the confidence to pursue. A husband and wife construction and design team, that’s never been done before, right? Either way, we’re going for it. (And just for the record, we don’t really like the term house flippers. It usually brings to mind buying a cheap house, doing minimal work to get it show ready, and then selling it to the highest bidder; kinda greasy, know what I mean? There may be certain aspects of that formula that are true of this business, but if we end up creating a successful venture, that will not be us. Our goal is not money. If that were the case, we’d stay right where we are. No, we’re after something much greater than money—fulfillment)

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