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Q. What's the shortest distance between two points?

A. Who cares! It’s not like you’ll be taking that route anyways—at least if you're anything like us. After nine years of marriage, Chayce and I have come to realize that the path from point A to point B is rarely a straight line. It's like when a toddler tries to draw a picture of you, and after turning around for two seconds you look back to see a big mess of incoherent scribbles spilling off the page and onto the table…hey kid, not bad; you pretty much nailed it.

Joking aside, our best-laid plans often get rerouted, and after years of pushing forward, we can end up right back at point A. But don’t freak out, this isn’t a bad thing—or at least it doesn't have to be. It’s often during this time as you regroup that you realize point B isn't all it’s cracked up to be, and you'd really rather have C. Yep, life does that to ya, and the stuff you learn along the way is sometimes more valuable than the destination itself. Okay, okay, that’s probably enough mystical life lessons for now (no charge btw…), but that was basically a long-winded way of introducing how Chayce and I ended up where we are and why we decided to start this blog.

After living for a year in England where Chayce got his MA degree, we moved to the beautiful state of California, Malibu to be exact—boo-to-tha-yah, as Chayce likes to say. He had a full scholarship to Pepperdine to do a second masters and I was working to get into the nutrition program there. Everything was eerily going great and all of our plans were perfectly falling into place (hint: sure, enjoy these times, but it's also a good idea to prepare for that imminent dose of reality coming your way). Suffice it to say, after three months in paradise our marriage hit rock bottom. Actually, what's under rock bottom? Yah, I think we technically ended up there. The choice was simple: stay in Malibu with the movie stars and slowly collapse in on ourselves like a dying star, or move back to Texas to see if we could nurse this thing back to life with the help of friends and family. It was a no-brainer. We packed everything up—again—and moved back home, point A! Besides the fact that Texas is the greatest place on earth, we were again reminded that no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, home really is a beautiful thing, and as time went on, we began to see hope at the end of our dark tunnel.

Fast-forward to the beginning of 2015 and we ended up claiming Dallas as the new Wilson HQ and began plugging away in cubicle land. Wow! Really? Back here, the place we promised we wouldn't return to for years? It was being in cubicle land that first caused us to dream bigger and move to Europe in the first place! But, we were together, and that was the important thing. We both were blessed with great jobs, a fun new apartment, and a feisty little kitty.

So that was that, we were back at point A, and our point B was to simply lay low for the next few years, keep our heads down, and just chill. But there we go again, thinking there’ll be this nice, straight line. Spoiler alert: we didn't make it very far down this B track…we opted for C, the real reason for this first blog entry. Sure, everyone’s got a blog nowadays and thinks they have something important to say. Not sure if this will be all that important, but we’re looking forward to it, so feel free to tag along and see what happens. Here goes nothing…or, something.

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